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Relaxations for fast track approvals of imported cylinders

  • 26 May 2021
  • Garima
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The CBIC issued Instruction No. 12/2021-Customs dated May 25, 2021 w.r.t. relaxations provided under Gas Cylinders Rules, 2016, so as to fast track approvals for imported cylinders and pressure vessels for storage and transportation of medical oxygen.

In view of the COVID pandemic, vide said Press Release dated May 15, 2021, it is stated that, by way of an exemption, PESO shall not carry out a physical inspection of global manufacturers’ production facilities before grant of required approval for import of cylinders and pressure vessels for storage and transportation of medical oxygen. Now, PESO shall grant such approvals online without any delay on submission of manufacturer’s particulars; ISO certificate of the manufacturer; List of Cylinders their specifications, drawings & batch number; Hydro test certificate and Third-Party inspection Certificate. Every foreign manufacturer/importer who wants to import oxygen cylinders is required to apply for import permission through PESO online system.

In this regard, DPIIT has further clarified as follows:

  • In case the importer has applied through an online application to PESO and the decision is pending in PESO, the exemption allows them to bring oxygen cylinders on the urgency for COVID relief activities in India.
  • In case the importer has not applied through online application to PESO, the exemption allows them to bring cylinders for urgent use for enhancing oxygen distribution logistics in India.
  • It is the responsibility of the consignee to follow the procedure as per relaxed conditions given in the table of para 3 of the Press Release, prior to the filling of the medical oxygen in these cylinders at refillers/ filling plants.
  • In view of the above, Customs is requested to give necessary clearances without PESO approvals for such items received at the ports/ airports for COVID relief works.

It is requested that the officers under your jurisdiction are sensitized about the above changes and ensure that customs clearance of such imports is expedited on arrival.

Source- https://www.cbic.gov.in/resources/htdocs-cbec/customs/cs-instructions/cs-instructions-2021/cs-ins-12-2021.pdf