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Course on Customs and FTP
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In the context of international trade, customs refers to the governmental agency responsible for regulating the flow of goods in and out of a country. This agency ensures that trade regulations, tariffs, and other trade-related laws are adhered to.

And A Foreign Trade Policy is a set of guidelines and regulations established by a government to govern its international trade activities. It outlines the country's trade objectives, strategies, and the rules governing imports and exports.

When discussing "Custom and Foreign Trade Policy" together, it typically involves understanding how customs authorities enforce the regulations set forth in a country's foreign trade policy. Businesses engaged in international trade need to be familiar with both to ensure compliance and optimize their trade operations.

  • ‍Faculty : CA Jayesh Gogri
  • Language : English
  • Date : 15-01-24 to 18-01-24
  • Time : 06:30 PM - 08:00 PM
  • Duration :  6 Hours/1.5 Hour per Day



  • A recorded session will be provided (Validity of the Recorded Session Will be 3 Months with Unlimited Viewing)
  • E-Notes will be shared in PDF for reference.
  • Q&A session with the faculty after each live class.
  • E - Certificate of Edukating

Price of the course - Rs  1,299/-

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