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Advanced Excel
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One of the most important and foremost parts of running an organization is having employees well versed and efficient in technology. Timely introduction of required training to the employees will help the employers in taking their business size and profits to another level.

Microsoft Excel offers the businesses an opportunity to make most of their data.Excel lets its users calculate , manage and analyse data in the most efficient manner and accordingly enables them to take the important decisions of their organization.

Learning excel not only opens multiple doors to lucrative jobs but also allows the trainees from different fields to learn new skills and upgrade their CVs.Being skilled in excel speeds up the productivity and increases the chances of getting a promotion or grabbing a job.



  • Total Duration : 7.5 Hours
  • Faculty : VIKAS NEGI
  • Language :Hindi  & English
  • Validity of the Course :30 days
  • E-Notes in PDF for reference