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Sector Wise Analysis Under GST
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Along with being one of the greatest tax reforms in the Indirect tax structure of the country, GST in itself is pretty vast and its implications vary from sector to sector and different aspects affecting the economy. To ease the understanding of GST implications on various sectors, we are launching this 15-day sector-wise analysis course. In every session, participants will be provided with an in-depth understanding of GST implications on 15 important sectors. 

The coverage of all the 15 sectors will be divided into 6 parts as follows :

  • GST Rates on the Sector
  • Place of Supply and ITC-Related Provision to the Sector (if any)
  • Exemptions to the said Sector 
  • Important Judgement if any 
  • Open-ended Issue in the sector
  • User Q&A




Sector wise Analysis under GST 15 Sectors in 8 Weeks Course

  • Total Duration  - 30 Hours(15 sessions of 2 Hours each)
  • Faculty            -  Eminent speakers from the specific sector
  • Language        -   English
  • Mode               -   Zoom
  • Study Material -   E-Notes will be shared in PDF for reference
  • Validity of the recorded session will be 3months for the combo pack participants/1 month for the individual participants after completion of course.


Combo Pack (Rs.) Individual Sector (Rs.)
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