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PF & ESIC Membership
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PF (Provident Fund) and ESIC (Employees' State Insurance Corporation) are social security schemes in India designed to provide financial protection to employees and their families during times of need. These schemes are mandatory for specific organizations and provide employees with benefits like retirement savings and medical coverage.

PF & ESIC is an integral part of the law existing in our country. Therefore, keeping ourselves updated and well-versed with the provisions is a requisite. The PF & ESIC Membership by Edukating will allow a smooth application of the provisions with clarity in real life. 

Query Resolver : Ranganathan Balamurugan 


Feature of the PF & ESIC membership : Whatsapp Group for Query Resolution

  • Price of the Membership : Rs. 3999/Yearly (1999/Half Yearly)
  • Offer Price of Membership : Rs. 3599/Yearly (1799/Half Yearly)