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GST Gold Membership - Litigation Specific
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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the surge in GST Notices from the authorities? Don't fret anymore!
In recent months, there has been a significant uptick in GST Notices, orders, and summons issued by the GST Department. Responding to these notices with well-founded arguments, supported by relevant case laws, judgments, sections, and rules, is imperative to successfully challenge the demands raised by the Department.

The GST Litigation Gold Membership by Edukating is meticulously crafted to provide crucial support to clients grappling with GST Notices, orders, and summons. The experts at Team Edukating are here to meticulously review the draft replies provided by clients, offering invaluable feedback and suggestions to refine and elevate the quality of these responses.

During the review process, our team will meticulously scrutinize every point, ensuring the highest quality standards. This involves an exhaustive analysis of GST laws, regulations, case laws, and more, ensuring that your responses are robust and legally sound.

The membership also includes monthly live interactive webinars , regular updates on GST , Whatsapp or Telegram group for discussion on various matters in GST , 1 Year access to all the live webinar recordings , GST Compliance calendar etc.

Don't let GST Notices catch you off guard. Empower yourself with the GST Litigation Gold Membership by Edukating and navigate through GST challenges with confidence and expertise. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to peace of mind!

  • Reply to GST Notices - Participants will share notice & draft reply. Then Edukating  advise regarding sections / Circular/ Case law to strengthen your reply- Max 5 Notices P.A. (After 5 notices - buy the pack of 5 notices - Rs 5000
  • Whats App group for GST Queries and having reply from Edukating Admin
  • Two Webinars in a month
    • One Webinar on GST Amendments
    • One Webinar on GST Judgements
  • Monthly GST Newsletter (in PDF)
  • Daily alert on updations (in PDF)
  • GST Compliance Calendar
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday
    Tuesday & Thursday

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