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PF & ESIC - Enrollment & Monthly Return
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The newly launched PF & ESIC - New Employee Enrollment & Monthly Return Filing Course by Edukating will focus on the processes and responsibilities associated with enrolling new employees in Provident Fund (PF) and State Employees' Insurance (SEI) programs, as well as the monthly return filing procedures related to these benefits.
This course will equip the participants with the knowledge and practical skills to effectively manage PF and ESI processes, ensuring legal compliance and providing employees with the benefits they are entitled to. Organizations must stay up-to-date with these processes to maintain a positive working environment and meet legal obligations.
  • Date : 13th & 14th October
  • Total Duration : 3 Hours
  • Faculty: Mr. Balamurugan Ranganathan
  • Language: English



  • A recorded session will be provided (Validity of the Recorded Session Will be 1 Months with Unlimited Viewing)
  • E-Notes will be shared in PDF for reference.
Payment Linkhttps://rzp.io/l/gH1kSED