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It has been five years since the introduction of the GST Act. Professionals, Trade, and, Industry have witnessed sea changes since the inception of GST. One of the most talked about and vital topics in the GST Act has been ITC (Input Tax Credit). Since the very beginning, it has attracted a lot of GST litigation.
This book encompasses real-life case scenarios and the core areas where GST Notices concerning ITC can be issued. The various allegations raised by the Department & other authorities in various proceedings under the GST Law on the subject related to ITC have been converted into 41 distinct notices. These notices will give our readers an in-depth understanding of the major burning issues of ITC. We have drafted the replies for these notices, taking into consideration real-life SCNs, Audit Observations, DRC 01A Letters, Orders to be appealed against, and the like.
The object of this book is to serve as a tool for GST Professionals or persons aspiring to specialize in handling GST Litigation. This book would equip the readers with know-how & the art relating to the drafting of replies for GST Notices.



Key Highlights of the Book :
Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Blueprint of Drafting 
Chapter 3: ITC-related notices and draft replies 
Chapter 4: Control Chart - Eligible/Ineligible with Reversal and Blocked ITC 
Chapter 5: Due dates of GSTR 3B and Relaxation in late Fees and Interest during COVID 
Chapter 6: Internal Control and Reconciliations 
Chapter 7: FAQ on New Format of GSTR 3B 
Chapter 8: Accounting Entries and ITC Documentations 
Chapter 9: TRAN 1/TRAN 2 Guidelines 
Chapter 10: CGST Act, Rules and Circulars on ITC
Price for the Book : Rs. 995/-
Price for the Book after discount : Rs. 796/- [20% discount]
Price is inclusive of Delivery Charges