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Export & Import Programme

 Main agenda of this Course -

1.Why Import And Export
Brief Information And Examples Of Import And Export
2.Who Could Import And Export The Ministries And Department
3.Foreign Trade Policy And Handbook Of Procedure
4.Brief Information On Importability And Exportability
5.Terms Of Trade And Terms Of Sale
6.Introduction Of Export Procedure
-Requirement To Become An Exporter
-How The Process Of Export Goes
7.Payment Terms
8.Export Promotion Councils.
9.Shipping And Customs.
10.Export Risk Coverage.
11.Precautions Export
12.Introduction Of Imports
-Requirement To Become An Importer
-How The Process Of Import Goes
13.Costing Of Import And Export.
14.Classification Of Items For Calculation The Duty
15.Duty Calculation And Check Tariff Of Items.
16.Components Of Duty.
17.Duty Saving Schemes Advance Authorisation, Epcg Etc.
18. Duty Drawback Rodtep Etc.
19. Warehouse Concepts.
20.Q&A Session On Daily Basis





  • Duration    : 2 Days - (2Hrs Per Day)
  • Language  : English
  • Faculty       : Mr.Ranjan Upreti
  • Validity of the Course :30 Days
  • Recording for each and every session will be provided : Validity of the recorded session will be 30 days  with unlimited viewing
  • E-Notes will be shared in PDF for reference