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EPF & ESIC - Advance Course
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The Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) Act and the Employees' State Insurance (ESI) Act are two significant pieces of legislation in India aimed at safeguarding the financial and health interests of employees.

EPF Act:
The EPF Act, established in 1952, mandates that establishments with 20 or more employees contribute towards a provident fund, ensuring retirement benefits for employees. It covers various aspects such as employer and employee contributions, coverage criteria, retirement benefits including pension, and provisions for international workers. The Act also outlines penal provisions for non-compliance, procedures for claims and settlements, and digital initiatives for efficient management.

ESI Act:
The ESI Act, dating back to 1948, requires establishments with 10 or more employees to provide employees with social security benefits, primarily focusing on medical care, cash benefits during sickness, maternity, and disablement, as well as family benefits. It entails employer and employee contributions based on wages, with penalties for non-compliance. The Act emphasizes the importance of maintaining records, filing contributions, and updating establishment details for effective implementation.

Both acts play crucial roles in ensuring the welfare and security of employees in India by providing them with financial stability during their working years and addressing their healthcare needs.

Date : 20th-22nd & 24th - 25th June'24
Time : 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Duration : 10 hours
Faculty : Mr.Balamurugan Ranganathan
Language : English



  • A recorded session will be provided (Validity of the Recorded Session Will be 3 Months with Unlimited Viewing)
  • E-Notes will be shared in PDF for reference.
  • Q&A session with the faculty after each live class.
  • E - Certificate of Edukating

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