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E WAY Bill in GST
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Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Goods and Services Tax is One Nation- One Tax – One Market. Introducing a separate way bill for each State under the GST system would definitely complicate the compliance and in turn affect the business of the taxpayers and transporters. Such a system of separate e-Way Bill for each State would result in hindrance of movement of goods and free trade from one state to another. The State and Central Government officers will also find it difficult to cross-verify such e-Way Bills if generated independently by each State. A new process is thus required which would ensure that a taxpayer, prior to movement of goods via a conveyance , would inform each transaction’s details to the tax department, obtain an acknowledgement number for having thus informed, and then use this acknowledgement number as a valid document accompanying the truck. The idea is that the taxpayer be made to upload the details of each transaction to a common portal through the Internet, and once uploaded, the common portal would automatically generate a document which can be tracked and verified easily by any stakeholder.




Language : English

Duration : 5 Days

Material : E -Notes in PDF form of all classes.

Faculty : CA Vishal Raheja

Recording :  Validity of the recorded session will be 30 days  with unlimited viewing.